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Indigo Skin Design is the oldest    tattoo / piercing studio in Contra Costa County.

John has been tattooing since 1984 and has been an artist forever. Our business is an Old-Fashioned Tattoo/Piercing Shop. John draws your design and carefully selects the inks that are to be used for each tattoo. We do have designs for you to see , you can bring in your own , or we will draw and create something for you from your own idea. For Body-Piercing, Lee was Gauntlet S.F. trained in 1995 and has been a full time body piercer ever since, while Johnny had a traditional apprenticeship and has worked and guested in studios around the country for 10yrs. He has been at Indigo Skin Design since 2013. We offer all types of piercings as long as they are safe and suited to the area. Privacy is offered for genital piercing and can be requested for any piercing. As a shop that has been open since 1993, we have remained at the forefront of health and safety, constantly upgrading our studio to make sure you feel comfortable in a clean, well lit place. Privacy can also be offered when needed. Walk-ins are taken on an availability basis. Appointments are taken on a weekly schedule and also for large work-in-progress pieces there are advance appointments arranged. All needles are single-use, packaged and sterilized. Our autoclave is on-site and tested on a bi-weekly basis as well as each cycle individually to ensure proper sterilization. All Artists and Piercers are licensed by Contra Costa County. We carry only the highest quality body jewelry for initial piercing, realizing that quality does make a difference towards a well healed piercing. For traditional body piercing we do pierce minors – BUT with some age restrictions. Please call for age appropriateness. IN EVERY CASE a minor MUST have a photo I.D., a copy of their birth certificate and a parent with photo I.D. present for piercing.  If you have questions, ask. Our shop is not an attitude driven – seen it on TV. – Tattoo / Piercing Studio. We’ve been doing it for a long time and unless your attitude precludes it, courtesy is met with courtesy.


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What we do is provide a quality service with quality materials. ALL of our Body Jewelry is made in the USA - with over 50% being crafted here in California. You will find cheaper elsewhere as we do not carry cheap, made in china stuff. We carry primarily : Industrial Strength, NeoMetal, Anatometal, Body Circle Designs, Future Primitives and BVLA. Our other suppliers include Goldfinger , Tether and Maya.

If you have metal sensitivity, we have you covered ! If you care about supporting the artisan small businesses, we are your place ! If you are looking for the best, we are here and we have what you want.

We are also pleased to announce that we have JESSICA WARREN taking Tattoo appointments through our studio. You can visit her website at

Appointments for JOHN can be requested at



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To Book an appointment,you must come in to the studio.
For questions, you can contact us 7 days a week. This is your best option, and the quickest way to get in touch with us.

(925) 778-9069

To book with Jessica you can e-mail her, or shoot her a message.


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 for Appointments with Jessica Warren you can email her at

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