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Unique Gold Body Jewelry

Regalia Monstera Body Jewelry Threadless End
Anatometal Marquise Fan Body Jewelry

Our tattoo artists have a large breadth of work and styles to pull from to ensure that you get a tattoo you’re proud, happy, and excited to wear.

Our piercing artists brings decades of experience and a personal touch to each visit, taking pride in making sure your visit is comfortable, safe, and pleasant.

We take pride in curating a unique and impressive collection of body jewelry, earrings, gauges, septum jewelry, and many more pieces.

Brands You Love & Trust

About Indigo Skin Design

No one else offers the same expertise, care, and knowledge that our artists bring into their work. We pride ourselves on compassion and willingness to help you achieve the design you dream of.

We carry an amazing collection of jewelry that is hand curated for the best pieces available.

We are always honest and up front about risks and the reality of tattoo and body piercing, and we consistently get feedback on how much people like and trust our artists. Your safety and well being are important to us.